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1st Month - On Lead Basic Obedience Training.......................$650/month

Owner must provide all food and supplements

2nd Month - Off Lead Basic Obedience Training.....................$650/month

Owner must provide all food and supplements

*Obedience training contract document will apply.

River Valley Kennel Resort Obedience Training Program

RVKR's four week Obedience Training Program trains with patience in a Positive Method where it is fun and your pet is rewarded for any and all progress. The goal is focused on creating Communication and Understanding between you and your 4-legged Family Member. 

1st Month is ON LEAD. Heel, Sit, Come, Down, Stay, Leave it, and No are basic obedience commands that your dog will master during this short 4 week program.  We are Happy to work make sure you and your 4 legged companion are the best team possible and begin a New World of Human and Canine Communication.